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About the Foundation

Simply stated, the mission of the Adorno Fathers Foundation is to provide a safety net of sorts for the Order of Catholic Priests and Seminarians known lovingly to us as The Adornos but more formally as The Order of the Clerics Regular Minor. The Adorno Fathers Foundation specifically supports the group of Adornos who  make up the United States/Philippine Delegation.

The Adorno Fathers Foundation was begun by lay people interested in assisting the Order’s efforts in the training of its seminarians. Candidates for religious life spend many years in the seminary to acquire a human, intellectual, spiritual and religious formation. We wanted to support the Order in this work by providing material assistance during the young Adornos' years of preparation for ministry.

In addition, The Adorno Fathers Foundation wishes to provide a safe and reasonably comfortable dwelling place for retired Adornos so that they may live their remaining years with dignity and in community. In fact, the years of their retirement should provide an opportunity for a deeper religious identity when the works diminish, but the spirit soars. This must have been in the mind of their Founder, Saint Francis Caracciolo, when he said:

“In the end we die and when we least expect,
and I will not be asked if the Institute has
increased and expanded, but if I stayed with
the task of being a good religious.”

As lay people, it is our privilege to assist the elderly Adornos who, in the end, must concentrate on the “task of being a good religious.” 

We are happy to support the Adornos in their work and to associate ourselves with their motto:  For the Greater Glory of the Risen Lord.